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Vehicle Donations
The CARS Way

Learn more about our donor-centric program and how we make vehicle donations a sustainable source of revenue for thousands of nonprofits.

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Car Donations The CARS Way

The CARS vehicle donation program is unique because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise that only supports other nonprofits. Read below to learn more about why CARS is trusted by more than 530 public media stations and thousands of top nonprofit organizations across the United States. It’s our commitment to donor satisfaction that leads the way.

The Largest Network of Auto Vendors

CARS is free to work with any vendor nationwide. Over almost 20 years, we've established the largest network of vendors with over 400 local and national resale partners, allowing us to find the right buyer for each vehicle and to maximize returns for both the nonprofit and the donor.

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Industry Leading Marketing Support

The CARS in-house marketing team produces complimentary marketing materials to our nonprofit partners for digital and print advertising, as well as data and analytics support to help you with audience targeting. Partners also receive branded marketing materials to help get the word out about their vehicle donation program. Get started with 600+ complimentary materials available for you to download day one. Consider the CARS Marketing Team an extension of your team!


Donor Care Department

We operate a virtual call center with 70+ Donor Support Representatives and availability seven days a week, so we'll never miss a call. We take the time to connect with every donor because we understand that getting rid of a car may be an emotional decision. Our donor-centric process helps support engagement for life between new vehicle donors and the nonprofit.

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Full-Service Account Management Team

As a nonprofit with a parent organization that’s been around for more than 100 years and with over three decades of industry experience and success in vehicle donation programs, CARS understands fundraising. Your account will be assigned to a specific member of our Partner Development Department to be maintained and managed on your behalf. Account managers are your ultimate resource for anything you need regarding your vehicle donation program and provide you with data and analytics, discuss industry trends, and help you create opportunities for effective promotions and partnerships that can maximize revenue.

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