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About Us

CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services)

CARS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps thousands of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and Canada increase their fundraising and acquire new contributors through turn-key vehicle and real estate donation programs. Since 2003, CARS has returned more than $300 million to our partners. CARS also reinvests in our community by providing meals and transportation solutions to seniors each year through a program called On the Go.

Our History

Founded in San Diego, CA in 2003 as a means to provide additional funding to the programs and services of Jewish Family Service, CARS soon began accepting vehicle donations to help other nonprofits raise extra revenue. What began as a company of just a few employees accepting around three vehicle donations per day, has grown into a well-respected leader in the car donation industry. CARS' success to date stems from our dedication to exceptional customer service, our ability to maximize each donation, and the extensive marketing content we create and distribute to our partners to help promote their programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative fundraising and support services for our nonprofit and public media partners. We achieve this through turn-key donation programs, including vehicle and real estate donations. Throughout the donation process, we treat every donor with respect and gratitude. We create sustainable revenue streams for our partners, generating millions of dollars to support their vital causes.

Our Vision

To provide fundraising programs and innovative solutions for community-driven organizations and the world's most impactful nonprofits.

Our Values

Respect: We respect every donor's wish to give to the nonprofit of their choice.

Integrity: We follow through with our commitments to our partners and donors.

Diversity: We work with organizations from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

Gratitude: We sincerely thank each donor for their contribution.

Innovation: We are creating new ways for nonprofits to raise funds for their causes.

Charitable Adult Rides & Services

Boards of Directors

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Guin Kerstetter


Chris Jennewein

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Larry Acheatel


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Deborah Bucksbaum

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