Nonprofit Vehicle Donation Call Center

The CARS Way

Donor Support for Your Car Donation Program

DSR representative

CARS operates two call centers (inbound/outbound) open seven days a week and maintains 70+ full-time Donor Support Representative (DSRs) employees specializing in vehicle donations. Our call centers are unique in the industry because all we do is process vehicle donations. Our experienced DSRs understand how to make every vehicle donation experience count. They represent your organization with every interaction they make with your donors, treating them with respect, gratitude and great service. We understand that donating a car may be a difficult emotional decision so we take the time needed to assist every donor–supporting engagement for life.

Consider the Donor Care Team the ultimate resource for your vehicle donors every step of the way. They are available to walk each donor through the entire process from filling out the donation form on the donor's behalf to providing guidance with the title transfer and release of liability steps after donating.

Our call center technology allows for omni-channel communication, including phone, email, chat and SMS. CARS uses our in-house data-base and two-way connectivity with our vendors for real-time inventory status monitoring and updates.